It's a pleasure to serve your family!

Patricia Osegunda


My name is Patricia but you know me as Trisha. I have been working with children for 6 year but been at Grace for one year.


I love to draw and learning new things.
I am a pet lover and I enjoy traveling to new places.

Birthday: January 19th
Favorite College: Sam Uni.
Favorite Snack: Hershey Kisses w/almonds
Favorite Beverage: Horchata, Strawberry Shakes
Favorite Music: Reggetoni
Favorite Color: Purple & Black
Pampering Activity: Hair Salon
Free Time Activity: Drawing & Netflix
Favorite Restaurant: Applebee's
Favorite Flower: All of them
Allergies: Lotion, Peanuts & Soup (but not dove)

   Mon-Fri. 6:00am – 6:30pm
  (936) 588-3020