Dear Parents,

As we approach enrollment for the Fall 2020 Spring 2021 school year, it is not too early to consider your child’s next step in elementary education. If you have not explored the options available here at Grace Lutheran School, please take a moment in the coming weeks to investigate the two excellent programs we offer for children beyond Pre-K.

KINDERGARTEN 5~ is taught by Mrs. Ruth Miracco who has been on staff at Grace for eight years. While meeting and exceeding all of the requirements (TEKS) of public kindergarten, our program offers several advantages listed below and include the hands-on experience that our center is known for. In addition, the over-riding goal of producing excited learners, accountable citizens and children who know and translate the love of God through their character and actions remains our primary focus.  Some advantages of a private kindergarten program include:

  • Smaller class size (max 15:2 Student to Teacher ratio vs. 1:22 district standard ratio)
  • A non-mandated curriculum that is open to modification as students’ needs arise
  • More opportunity for direct parental input and involvement
  • Faith based environment to share and support family values
  • School-wide teachers and support staff who know and love your child and family
  • Less influence and experiences available from older children population (language, dress)
  • Fewer behavior issues to detract from teaching day

1st Grade ~ we’re opening our first-grade program at the encouragement of several of our long-standing families. The reasons for their interest were varied but primarily reflected a desire to continue to educate and nurture their child in a faith-based environment with smaller class sizes and the individual attention that they had come to know from Grace.  While our response to this request took those factors into consideration, our main reason for opening this program is based on feedback received from past graduated families who had gone into the Conroe/Montgomery school districts from our TK and Kindergarten programs.  Some of these families had opted to do another year of kindergarten, some children were placed in a first-grade class, but across the board, the feedback was that their child was bored and repeating material they had already achieved mastery of at Grace.  The accelerated and enthusiastic learners we had created, stalled out in the public system. Our program goals going forward would be to add grades 2nd-5th on a stair step system- one grade each year.

The cost of our programs will continue to include the hours of before and after school care, which are additional costs in the public system, as well as our meal program. Grace now has two school multi-function school and activity buses at our disposal to offer creative field trips to enhance student learning.

It is our hope that you will prayerfully consider these options as you plan for your child’s next step academically and are available to answer your questions anytime. We are grateful for this opportunity to continue our partnership with your family as we strive together to lay the foundation for your child’s intellectual, emotional, social, and most importantly, spiritual development and success for years to come.


Angela St. Julien


Grace Lutheran School

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