February Newsletter

As this is the month of love- we would like to take a moment to tell you just how much we love each and every one of you. We are so blessed to be able to serve your family. Check out the updates we have for you on some of those ways we serve below:

Security at Grace School-

As per the recommendations of the Department of Homeland Security, we will change our door code for this new semester starting this coming Monday- February 10th. We know that it is hard to learn and keep up with new codes, but please understand that we are committed to keeping our students and staff safe. This door code is for our Grace families only, please do not share it with anyone. If you have visitors coming to our campus for any reason, it is not necessary to share the door code, please just have them push the buzzer to gain entry and remind them to have their drivers license ready to present to Administration.


Re-enrollment packets have been sent home. If your student(s) will be returning to Grace for the Fall 2020 school year, please complete the packet and return it to Administration by February 21st. The non-refundable re-enrollment fee is at a discounted rate of $100 if a completed packet is returned on or before February 21st. Packets turned in after the deadline will be at the full re-enrollment rate of $150.

Grace Fundraiser-

Please take a moment to read through the materials we sent home regarding our upcoming Grace Spring Fundraiser. This year we are hoping to raise enough funds to finally overhaul our exterior to interior security. We would like to upgrade our lock-down protocols to include ballistic glass and reinforced hall entry security doors. Our current enrollment income pays for the operation of the program only. As a non-profit, the only special project budget we have to work with is monies raised through fundraising. We need your help to make this upgrade. If you have questions or need further information on our fundraising efforts, please contact the front office.


We have had an increased number of accounts going delinquent and as a result we will be enforcing the $10 per day late fee that is outlined in the TUITION POLICY of our School’s policies and procedures. If you are unclear on these policies, please refer back to your parent handbook for details.


We are looking for a few moms or dads to come in during the week to help teachers with printing, bulletin boards, and special activities. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Administration. Volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check adjudicated by Texas Child Care Licensing before spending significant amounts of time in a classroom.

Grace Fundraiser Teacher Dance


   Mon-Fri. 6:00am – 6:30pm
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