Grace Lutheran School (GLS)

Grace Lutheran School (GLS) is a non-profit children’s ministry of Grace Lutheran Church in Conroe, Texas. Our school is unique in its offering of a quality, academic, faith based pre-school, within a daycare setting, and has served Montgomery/Conroe families for over 25 years.


We believe that each child is a gift from God endowed with unique qualities. These gifts, we believe, are best developed within a Christ-centered community that partners with the parent as the most significant influence in their child’s life, to lay a Biblical foundation to know, experience and express God’s love.

Mission & Purpose

“Living the Grace of God” is the mission of Grace Lutheran Church (GLC) and ultimately the mission and purpose of the school ministry. We provide a Christ-centered program with the goal of stimulating and nurturing the cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of the child in a safe and loving environment.



  • To lead, educate and encourage each child to know and accept the love of God and His forgiveness through Jesus Christ.
    To provide learning experiences based on the child’s individual needs, interests, and abilities.
  • To build important foundations for formal learning in the elementary years, through play, experimentation, exploration and investigation in their preschool years.
  • To provide opportunities to interact with other children that are conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships and the foundation for establishing a responsible and caring personal character.


  • To provide a safe environment for their child while the parent pursues their own work or other interests
  • To provide opportunities to meet with and work with childcare professionals and other parents on issues related to their child’s development.
  • To support family-centered values through Biblical instruction.
  • To serve as a family resource in times of celebration, transition or crisis

Open To All

Enrollment in the GLS program will be open to any child, provided the school can meet the need of that child. GLS does not discriminate with regard to sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religious or political belief.

  • A $150 non-refundable registration fee is required at the time of initial registration.
  • A $75 supply fee is due each September and January.
  • Child’s immunization record and doctor’s health statement is due at the time of enrollment, prior to the first day of attendance and must be kept current through the year.
  • An updated registration form is required at the beginning of each new enrollment period and must be accompanied by a re-registration fee of $100 each year. Re-enrollment begins in February for our current students and guarantees uninterrupted care. Re-enrollment received after that time is subject to a fee of $150 and space availability. A child’s tuition must be current before a space can be guaranteed.


Grace Lutheran School offers Chapel several times a week led by various senior staff members and the Pastor of Grace Lutheran School.

Praise and worship songs are sung, The Lord’s Prayer is learned and many favorite Bible stories are shared. Bible principles such as respect for authority, obedience, forgiveness, grace and salvation are introduced through object lessons and reinforced in our classrooms.

Family Life Center

Grace Lutheran School is blessed to reside in the Family Life Center of Grace Lutheran Church in Conroe. This facility offers us a beautiful and spacious learning environment that includes an indoor gymnasium, a mirrored dance area, a shaded playground and a cafeteria area. We have a stage for special programs and a cozy chapel for prayer and worship. Each year we transform our gymnasium for our themed fundraising event that boasts an attendance of 500 supporters.


Our center participates and is monitored by the USDA’s Child Care Food Program. Tuition includes a nutritional breakfast and lunch and a morning and afternoon snack.

Special dietary needs must be prescribed by a physician or dietitian and have written documentation on file with a treatment plan explained in case contact occurs. Special foods must be provided by the parent. In order to post your child’s allergy for class and kitchen staff, you will be asked to sign a parental release statement. Please alert the staff of any food allergies or restrictions. We are a peanut free environment.



Formula, cereal and baby food are provided by the center (special formula must be provided by parents). Table food will be introduced at parent’s instruction and food updates are required monthly in these rooms regardless of changes.



GLS will provide a comfortable place for mothers to breastfeed. Parents may also provide breast milk for their child to be fed in our care.



Due to the alarming number of children with serious food allergies, and the guidelines provided by the Texas Food Program, have adopted a strict “No Outside Food” policy for our center. Exceptions to this policy will only be considered with a doctor’s note and on a case by case basis. If your child has food allergies be sure to speak with the kitchen manager and the child’s teachers as well as the office personnel to insure we comply with any restrictions.






We encourage the donation of a book from the Birthday child to the classroom which they will get to share on their day. Goodie bags, games, or movies to share are also allowed.

   Mon-Fri. 6:00am – 6:30pm
  (936) 588-3020